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MORE CHANGES!!  The Rainier Historical Society has been in the process of restoring the 1915 Rainier historic school for public use for the past ten years and a lot has been happening lately. 
Due to a decrease in donations and sales we are returning the historic school to the school district. We will still be able to assemble and maintain the historic museum part that we have never had the time to work on.
As for closing down the thrift store and the library we are disappointed to have to do either as we will miss seeing our faithful customers and serving our community with items needed but it can't be helped.
The school district is excited to be taking the building over and we are excited about the plans they have for the building. It is a good feeling to know that we have saved a piece of Rainier history that was about to be demolished in 1996-97 and it will be well used again.
As of Feb. 2016 the school is still working on getting full restoration done then there will be a celebration. Keep watching for updates.



Call us at 360-446-2303    or better yet     come see us at 207 Centre St S, Rainier WA.