Thank You

To those of you who have been so faithful to donate and then come in and purchase items we thank you for the years of support.

I also thank all of the faithful volunteers of both the thrift store and library and those who helped start the food bank.  We have been working for 10 years of service in these areas after 7 years of working to save the building and getting it ready for service.

The Historic School will again belong to the Rainier School District

We have saved the 100 year old historic school from demolition and in it's centennial year it is being returned to the school district for multi use including two historic use rooms and eventually a picture museum throughout.  We are looking forward to what Superintendent Garchow and the School Board have planned for the building and are excited about having time to get our historic pictures etc. together and ready for display.  

If you are wondering why the fence.  The school district is now in the process of
renovations that we were not able to complete. 


We will hopefully start work on the pictures and stories for the museum soon.  If you are interested in helping with the museum let us know. 


We are looking for the school room items such as the old fashion desks, the wooden school chairs, etc.  All the things that you older folks remember in your grade school rooms.  If you have some or know where we could get them, we would love to know. Thank you for your interest.

It's happening Now

Call us at 360-446-2303                               visit us at 207 Centre St SE, Rainier WA