The historic school building was voted into being in August of 1915 after the previous school burned. It was soon built and occupied.  Modified in 1921 (second story added to accommodate a growing high school age) and in 1936 (second story removed when new high school was built).  It has the honor of being on both the State and Federal Heritage Registers..

1915 Historic School

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This picture was most likely taken just before the second story was removed foot by foot sometime between 1933 and 1936.  Evidence being the brick high school in the background between the buildings.  This picture shows the school in its two story stage with the gym beside it.  The gym was moved a few blocks down highway 507 and with changes  is the current Senior Center. 

The Rainier Historical Society is looking for both monetary and picture donations to get the museum part of our building going by the time restoration is finished. We are also looking for the old desks as we will restore 1 room to original school room. If you are interested in historic picture and informational preservation of the city of Rainier please contact us. We would love to hear from you. 
The first school in Rainier was built in the early 1880's and was used only three months of the year.  The second was built in 1896 in what is now the Historic Lutheran Church, also on the State Heritage Register.  In 1902 and later in 1909 buildings were erected on the present site but both were destroyed by fire prior to the building of the present historic school.  The school hosts four large class rooms, a full basement and is in the process of being renovated.